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Invest Horizon Coaching Academy by bwcon in Athens, Greece

In the framework of the Invest Horizon programme, bwcon is hosting a workshop at the FIWARE startup bootcamp in Athens taking place from 1-3 October 2015.

The workshop is organised in cooperation with the FIWARE accelerator programme, to be eligible for the event and the workshop participants have to be part of the FIWARE programme
The partner responsible for organising the bootcamp is Metavallon, connect@metavallon.org.



The workshops will take place on the second day of the bootcamp on 2nd October 2015. Please note that participants accepted for the bootcamp may join several workshop and coaching sessions.

The registration on this page is only valid for the Invest Horizon workshop, not for the bootcamp as a whole, you have to be accepted by Metavallon for the bootcamp first.

2nd October 2015 - Workshops

10:00 Good morning Start-ups 

10:15 Bootcamp Lab-Time

Invest Horizon Workshop on Raising Capital
The focus of this workshop is on the one hand access to venture capital and on the other concrete advice on starting and carrying out a financing round. Both business angels and venture capital funds will be covered in this workshop, in connection with questions such as: How do I manage my investor relations? What are investors actually looking for? How and what should I prepare? What are the first steps? etc. All in all, this workshop shall set up a first basis for you to become investment ready and work further on your financing strategy.

12:30 Tete-a-Tete with the Coaches

15:00 Bootcamp Lab-Time

InvestHorizon Workshop on Pitching
This workshop is dedicated to start-ups and companies who are currently preparing or already have a pitch deck and would like to improve and refine the content, structure or better fit their presentation to their financing or business strategy. The focus workshop will be hands-on advice to deliver a concise presentation, there is also the opportunity to discuss further questions later in the one2one mentoring session.

17:00 Tete-a-Tete with the Coaches

For the entire programme of the startup bootcamp please click here.

To participate in the Invest Horizon Workshop at the FI bootcamp Athens please register   HERE.

For any further queries contact Corinna Voss, Innovation Programme Manager, bwcon GmbH:

E-mail:  voss@bwcon.de

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