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The Persuasion Game: « How to influence and persuade »

Why this course?
Getting your message across is one thing. Convincing the other person often requires a lot more effort. Persuasion, plays a key role in your ability to influence others and achieve results. You rely on our persuasive skills to convince our customers to sign a contract, to get support from our colleagues for a new project, or to convince your managers to invest in a project.
  • Are you always successful?
  • Did you always get the outcome you wanted?
  • Do you think you used the correct approach in your negotiations?
Persuasive communication involves more than just coming up with strong arguments and counter criticism. There are many different techniques you can use to influence others and you could be far more successful if we knew what approach to use in what situation.

Project Overview
In this one-day workshop, we go “inside” the psychology of persuasion to understand how and why it works. We focus on the techniques that marketeers and salespeople use to design compelling messages, and explore why some messages are more persuasive than others. The participants will also learn about the main principles of non-verbal communication from scientific research. Based on these principles they will analyse their own image (feeling of trust, competence, sociability...). A number of role-plays will be used to show how their non-verbal communication changes depending on the level of stress they are exposed to during a dialogue and how it affects their ability to persuade others. Through hands-on exercises based on our Persuasion Game, this workshop enables the participants to develop their persuasive skills and abilities to sell their products and ideas. The game will force them to practice a number of the principles of persuasion and of non-verbal communication in-group. The aim of this session is to help the participants to translate their new knowledge into practice.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:
  • Apply proven principles of persuasion and influence to ensure a positive
  • outcomes Improve the results of your proposal pitching and negotiations by following key proven principles and techniques
  • Recognize how non-verbal behavior influences your communication
  • Understand your own typical persuasion style
  • Plan and present your ideas and strategies in the most persuasive way possible

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