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At the Marketing & Sales Day on 11th  March 2016 in Stuttgart founders, start-ups and SMEs have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with relevant topics such as communication, marketing strategies and customer acquisition and will receive valuable tips for their own corporate strategy and organization.
The day provides an overview of the most important marketing and sales activities in high-tech companies. Questions such as the efficient development of marketing strategies will be discussed and the participants will learn how to implement their sales plan operationally. The four major areas of marketing determine the day:
  • Product or service
  • Price (value for money)
  • Communication (influencing the purchase decision)
  • Distribution (design of sales channels)
Moreover, topics connected to distribution are another important part of customer relationship management. From the distribution field, there will be lectures on brand management, lead generation, customer loyalty and other marketing and sales elements.

The event is organized by bwcon GmbH together with Star Cooperation as part of the InvestHorizon programme.



For any further queries contact Corinna Voss, Innovation Programme Manager, bwcon GmbH:


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