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Presenting Companies 2015 Tech Tour Cleantech Summit                                               

Stephen McNulty
AmbiSense Ltd. - Dublin [IE]
Ambisense designs and deploys remote monitoring systems and networks
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Cor Kamminga
BioBTX B.V. - Groningen [NL]
Imagine how great it would be if we could make all existing polymers from biomass and waste. With BioBTX technology we can!
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Cristina Simoes
BioMimetx Lda - Cantanhede [PT]
BioMimetx is a Biotech Start-up that researches, develops and delivers innovative solutions for the control of microorganisms, currently focused on the development of a powerful and biological antifouling solution as first product.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Martijn Lopes Cardozo
Black Bear - Nederweert [NL]
Black Bear brings the circular economy to tires
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Chris Möller
Campanda GmbH - Berlin [DE]
Campanda is a global peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace connecting travelers with owners & RV rental companies.
Jacques van Munster van Heuven
condi food bv - Warmond [NL]
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Michael Fernandez
drust - Paris [FR]
DRUST.IO, the driver-centric platform for the connected car ecosystem.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Rob Vandermeij
EFC Separations BV [NL]
Cooling & Eutectic freeze crystallization equipment for the processing industries
Delta & Water and Environmental Technologies
Stefan Lodeweyckx
Enervalis - Houthalen-Helchteren [BE]
Enervalis develops the operating system of the future energy networks to support mass-market energy services focussed on the optimisation of demand and supply to increase the green energy footprint
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Michiel Mensink
Exasun - Rijswijk [NL]
We produce high end, innovative solar PV modules. Currently producing with positive gross margin, we can't meet market demand and need financing for expansion of production capacity.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Simon de Jong
FiberCore Europe bv - Rotterdam [NL]
One strong, proven, worldwide patented technology for heavy duty structures!
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Sebastien Rembauville
Forsee Power - Moissy-Cramayel / Lieusaint [FR]
Modeled for a market which is constantly evolving, keen to offering innovative solutions to its customers.
Hartmut Schneider
Fresnex GmbH - Wiener Neudorf [AT]
Fresnex provides an innovative solar steam generation system for the indusrty, which is competitive to fossil fuel systems without subsidies in sunny regions
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
John Harinck
Gensos - Delft [NL]
Gensos offers a novel and more effective solution for processing of wet waste and recovery of renewable energy, minerals and water
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Zhengliang Wu
Green City Solutions - Dresden [DE]
Green City Solutions makes clean and cool air, profitable.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Frank Tielens
HeatMatrix group - Geldermalsen [NL]
Many industries are losing energy via hot corrosive flue gas or process air through their stacks. HeatMatrix has developed a unique polymer heat exchanger which is corrosion resistant and therefor can recover this heat.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Paul De la Gueriviere
IDEOL - La Ciotat [FR]
Floating foundations for the offshore wind turbine industry.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Reidar Koolen
Innecs Power Systems - Ter Aar [NL]
Innecs Power Systems strives towards low cost energy and a cleaner environment. We provide new technical solutions for the steam using industry.
info Kriya Materials
Kriya materials - Geleen [NL]
Kriya Materials is THE developer and manufacturer of multi-functional coating and composite products based upon its own nanotechnology.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Bastian Fischer
Locamation - Enschede [NL]
Dutch developer and supplier of innovative hardware and software technology for smart grids. Our open platform offers our customers high returns with the flexibility to cope with an uncertain sustainable future.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Dane Ralston
Losstek Ltd - JOHNSTONE [GB]
Data is the lifeblood of the electricity distribution networks . Losstek takes the raw data available within the distribution grids and makes it useful allowing operators to run the networks more efficiently therefore reducing cost and carbon emissions.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Alex Michine
MetGen - Kaarina [FI]
Pioneers in industrial enzymes for lignocellulosic biomass
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Pascal Boulanger
Ultra Fast Carbon Batteries
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Olivier Jaboulay
Nenuphar - Aix-en-Provence [FR]
The floating vertical axis wind energy technology leader.
Willem Kesteloo
PowerWindow - Delft [NL]
PowerWindow develops colourless and transparent windows that convert light into electricity without compromising the design or aesthetics thereof
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Malte Stampe
Prolupin GmbH - Grimmen [DE]
Prolupin is a producer of high quality, lupine based plant proteins. We are creating value in the complete supply-chain, from the farmer to the consumer, through our patented extraction process and our own B2C food portfolio and B2B business partners.
Petter Karal
Seatower - Oslo [NO]
Low-cost foundations for 6MW+ offshore wind turbines – the new segment
Smart Mobility & Logistics
Pascal Sitbon
SECLAB - Montpellier [FR]
Resilient Cyber Security Solutions for Critical Infrastructures
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Sanne Castro
SimGas BV - Den Haag [NL]
SimGas designs, manufactures, and installs innovative modular small-scale biogas and bio-sanitation systems for rural households in Africa and Asia
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Lars Behrend
Siqens GmbH - Munich [DE]
A new industry standard for reliable and clean power on demand. By a patented combination of existing fuel cell technologies we invented the methanol fuel cell with lowest costs and highest efficiency worldwide to outperform diesel gensets in all aspects
Indrek Kaldoja
Skeleton Technologies - Tallinn [EE]
Skeleton Technologies has developed a disruptive 50% cheaper ultracapacitor product for a rapidly growing market. It will solve crucial energy storage problems in transportation, renewable energy, power quality and the industrial sector.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Erwin Croughs
SMS Projects bv - Rotterdam [NL]
The Slow Mill is one of the few wave energy converters that also work well in a mild wave climate like the North Sea due to its unique blade system, smart power handling and light weight.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Erik Smith
Sol Voltaics AB - Lund [SE]
Sol Voltaics is an advanced materials company that improves the efficiency of energy capture, generation and storage using miniscule amounts of novel nanomaterials.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Mark Howitt
Storelectric Ltd - Cheshire [GB]
Advanced grid (GW, GWh) scale Compressed Air Energy Storage. Patents pending. 68-70% efficient, levelised cost €137/MWh (£100), can be built now using standard equipment with low technical risk. Supported by 6 multinationals, <1/6 cost of pumped hydro.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Asher Bennett
Tevva Motors Ltd - Chelmsford [GB]
Electric Range Extended Trucks
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Aki Luukkainen
Wello Ltd. - Espoo [FI]
Developer of wave energy device
Delta & Water and Environmental Technologies
William Rosenfeld
Zenpark - Saint-Germain en Laye [FR]
Zenpark is the premier parksharing operator in France.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

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