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Ákos Maróy
Aero Glass - Budapest [HU]
Augmented Reality navigation for Aircraft Pilots using Smart Glasses
Dennis Hamro-Drotz
Alleco Ltd. - Helsinki [FI]
Creating novel ICT solutions for underserved markets
Eric Freeman
DataCentric PDM, SA - Madrid [ES]
DataCentric is one of Europe's top providers of geo-referenced directory content to leading search and map platforms worldwide.
Amy Marion
Dyadic Security - Petach Tikva [IL]
Dyadic Security offers a Virtual Hardware Security Module (vHSM) which gives organizations a virtualized key protection that achieves hardware level security - without the need for dedicated hardware.
David Klingbeil
Dymant - Paris [FR]
We are an online luxury brand whose core values are freedom and honesty.
Steffen Poralla
Fit Analytics GmbH - Berlin [DE]
Fit Analytics is the developer of the world’s most widely-used online apparel size advisor, integrated in more than 90 online shops around the globe.
Alexander Mifsud
Ixaris Technologies Ltd - London [GB]
Ixaris makes efficient payments practical and affordable via an open payments platform and domain-specific rapid development tools
Xavier Barata
King of App - madrid [ES]
King Of App is a B2B Content Management System that allow people without native mobile programming skills to create fully customizable mobile apps.
David Yaish
Lingacom Ltd is a strong R&D SME a market-leading technology provider of an innovative Cosmic Rays Muons Detection Technologies.
Pelin Smines
Lojika Field Labs - istanbul [TR]
We conduct field experiments to blend anthropology with innovation, production and marketing through crowdsource methods and create a new media that reaches out to the lead users of innovatve products
Carlos Callejero
Misc International S.L. (Sensowave) - Madrid [ES]
A technological company aiming to improve efficiency and safety in farming, industry and defence by providing innovative solutions based on Iot and cloud computing
Ersilio Lodetti
ML Engraving is the international leader in laser texturing on moulds for plastic and rubber products, for functional and aesthetic improvements
Delia Di Bona
Mosaicoon S.p.A. - Isola delle Femmine (PA) [IT]
The tech platform revolutionizing the creative process, allowing brands to get end-to-end video strategies and creators to monetize their video productions.
Josep Sanjuas
Network Polygraph - Barcelona [ES]
Polygraph provides intelligence to help companies manage their IT network: detect unwanted applications, bandwidth abuse, or attacks. As a cloud-based SaaS solution, it can be deployed within minutes rather than weeks, and requires zero maintenance.
Roy Freeland
Perpetuum - Southampton [GB]
Perpetuum provides Condition Monitoring data to enable train operators to achieve massive cost savings while at the same time improving safety and reliability
Philippe Moretto
Sat4m2m - Gilching [DE]
Sat4m2m is developing the 1st disruptive "Space IoT" connectivity solution in the world for an M2M “LPUWA” network (Low Power Ultra Wide Area).
Javier Diaz
Seven Solutions - Granada [ES]
The leading company on ultra-accurate time distribution for Telecommunications, Finance, Smart Grid and Science. We are working on disruptive applications as cm-range positioning over mobile networks, legal timestamping or time support of latency control
Anja Bölicke
Silicon Radar GmbH - Frankfurt (Oder) [DE]
High-end low-cost Radar-chips (MMICs) for a broad spectrum of established and emerging sensor applications for crash avoidance and obstacle detection –robotics, automation, UAVs and process industry
Eric Horesnyi
Streamdata.io - Meylan [FR]
Efficiently Turn APIs into Real-time Experiences for Fintech, IoT, Web and Mobiles
Jaume Cunill
Tech4Freedom - Barcelona [ES]
Creators of amazing devices and applications to empower disabled persons
Stelios Gkouskos
Terracom Informatics Ltd - Ioannina [GR]
Greek company specialized in software (mobile/cloud) development for security companies.
Ivan Caballero
The Social Coin - Barcelona [ES]
The Social Coin engages citizens into social challenges through their good deeds, to create meaningful communities.
Georgios Keramidas
Think Silicon S.A. - Patras [GR]
Think Silicon is a global company specializing in developing ultra-low power Graphic Processing Units (GPU) and Display Processors for mobile, wearable and IoT devices.
Mike Beunder
Withlocals B.V. - Eindhoven [NL]
Withlocals is a peer-to-peer marketplace where locals can offer truly unique and personalized things to do & eat to travelers.
Sergi Figueres
Worldcoo SL - Barcelona [ES]
Worldcoo is the leading online tool for funding high social impact projects and causes.
Asier Albizu
Biolan Microbiosensores S.L. - Zamudio [ES]
BIOLAN is a highly innovative SME that develops and commercializes biosensors for quantitative analysis of food safety parameters
Life Sciences
Martina Bluhm
c-LEcta GmbH [DE]
c-LEcta is a biotechnology company specialized in providing customized enzymes for food feed and pharma applications
Life Sciences
Javid Khan
Holoxica Limited - Edinburgh [GB]
Holographic Volumetric 3D Display For Medical Scanners
Life Sciences
Jean-Yves Quentel
Mensia Technologies SA - Paris [FR]
Digital Brain Therapies
Life Sciences
Vincent USACHE
MICROPHYT - Baillargues [FR]
Exploiting microalgae diversity at an industrial scale
Life Sciences
Sava Marinkovich
mySkin - Belgrade [RS]
Venture Startup building hardware, software, and digital media to disrupt the skincare industry.
Life Sciences
Desmond O Leary
OncoMark Ltd. - Dublin [IE]
We are dedicated to supporting the discovery and development of novel diagnostics and prognostic assays that help to save lives and improve the quality of life of cancer patients.
Life Sciences
Fatmir Langmeier
OrmoSys - Kompetenz Zentrum Langmeier - Raubling [DE]
With over 25 years of expertise OrmoSys is a Spin-Off from KompetenzZentrum Langmeier, employing state-of-the art orthotic examination and rothotic soles manufacturing equipment.
Life Sciences
Alexandros Strongilos
proACTINA SA - Marousi Athens [GR]
Research driven SME developing innovative technologies and products within the Life Sciences Sector
Life Sciences
Mahesh Shah
ProteinLogic Ltd - Cambridge [GB]
Developing Novel Diagnostic Test for Diagnosis of Active TB, 80m tests pa market
Life Sciences
Povl Verder
S [GB]
Point of Care Digital Diagnostics Platform
Life Sciences
André Santos
SWORD Health - Porto [PT]
We created the first AI-powered Digital Physical Therapist in the world.
Life Sciences
Manfred Baumgärtner
Mobility provider will roll-out Europe's biggest rapid charger network
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Jean-Baptiste Segard
EP Tender - Poissy [FR]
Startup developing a range extending service for electric vehicles
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Celal Beysel
Floteks A.S. - BURSA [TR]
A vertically integrated rotomolding company 70 % of the production for automotive industry, being first tier producer for main OEM's in Europe, complying with all needed quality standards. Other main product line is large plastic infrasturucture articles.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Aris Basagiannis
Helbio S.A, Hydrogen and Energy Production Systems - Patras [GR]
Helbio is active in the field of hydrogen and energy production via fuel cells. It develops and markets hydrogen and energy production systems, utilizing both renewable and conventional raw materials, such as bioethanol and biogas and NG and LPG.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Alexander Suma
IBIS Power - Eindhoven [NL]
Redesigning Renewable Energy
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Laura Porcu
Lindhurst Engineering Ltd. - Sutton in Ashfield [GB]
Lindhurst Innovation Engineering for a sustainable future
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Peter Langer
Novihum Technologies GmbH - Dresden [DE]
Development, Manufacturing and Distribution of permanent humus as a soil amendment material for enhanced yields and a healthy environment for all plants
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Mathew Holloway
Q-Bot - London [GB]
Q-Bot designs and builds robots to repair, maintain and upgrade buildings, the initial focus is the application of insulation to suspended floors.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Gonzalo Fernandez de la Mora
SEDET - Boecillo [ES]
SEDET is an offspring of SEADM, a Spanish technology-oriented SME. Its target is to develop a new generation of explosive vapour detectors, aimed at the screening of large volume freight for airport security.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Lars Behrend
Siqens GmbH - Munich [DE]
A new industry standard for reliable and clean power on demand. By a patented combination of existing fuel cell technologies we invented the methanol fuel cell with lowest costs and highest efficiency worldwide to outperform diesel gensets in all aspects
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Ugo Manfredi
SUN GEN srl - Felina [IT]
Sungen: revolutionary high performance solar concentrators for thermal, electric & combined energy generation
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Mario Ubiali
Zinco Service Srl - Brescia [IT]
Global leader in advanced services for the hot dip galvanizing industry. Now part of the Gimeco Group, largest equipment manufacturer for the HDG industry.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

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