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  Mr. Ben Butters
EU Affairs Director
Ben Butters has been the Director of EU Affairs for EUROCHAMBRES, the European association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, since 2008. As such, he covers a wide range of policy issues at EU level that are of relevance to Chambers and the European business community, including education & training, energy, the internal market, enterprise, regulatory and economic reform and innovation.



Brussels, Belgium

Established in 1958 as a direct response to the creation of the European Economic Community, EUROCHAMBRES acts as the eyes, ears and voice of the business community at EU level. EUROCHAMBRES represents over 20 million businesses in Europe through 45 members (43 national associations of chambers of commerce and industry and two transnational chamber organisations) and a European network of 1700 regional and local chambers. More than 93% of these businesses are small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Chambers’ member businesses employ over 120 million.


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