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  Ms. Ana Tomasek
Strategic Advisor
Ana Tomašek is strategic advisor to the Head of the EUREKA Secretariat. She is responsible for strategy development and innovation policy at the Brussels-based international secretariat of EUREKA – the European platform supporting international, market-oriented R&D. Ana also manages the EUREKA InnoVest Programme. Before moving to Belgium in 2014, Ana was based in Zagreb, at the Business Innovation Croatian Agency (BICRO), where she worked as EUREKA and Eurostars national project coordinator, managing programmes supporting national and international collaborative R&D projects. Ana has private sector experience from when she was based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where she worked on the preparation of project proposals and in international project management, including EU Framework Programme and Slovenian projects funded through EU structural funds. She has held a number of lectures and seminars on topics related to project preparation, management and the EU Framework Programme.



  EUREKA Secretariat
Bruxelles, Belgium

Innovation across boarders

EUREKA is an intergovernmental organisation for market-driven industrial R&D. It mission is to stimulate growth and jobs creation by supporting the internationalisation of businesses with innovative ideas. This mission is achieved through a network of more than 40 members and associated countries, facilitating the international coordination of national innovation programmes. EUREKA offers support to companies, research centers and universities, enabling them to develop innovative products/services. Over 37 billion € of public-private investment has been mobilized to support more than 6100 projects. Following a bottom-up approach with projects being in any technological area with a civilian purpose, EUREKA has been the driving force of innovation in Europe. EUREKA supports R&D with 4 instruments: Network projects, Eurostars, Clusters and Umbrellas.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: other
Technology Sectors: ict / life sciences / energy, clean technology, environment


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