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  Mr. Stephane Ouaki
DG Research & Innovation



  European Commission
Brussel, Belgium

European institute

The European Commission is the EU's executive body. It represents the interests of the European Union as a whole. The Commission's main roles are to: propose legislation which is then adopted by the co-legislators, the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers; enforce European law (where necessary with the help of the Court of Justice of the EU); set a objectives and priorities for action, outlined yearly in the Commission Work Programme and work towards delivering them; manage and implement EU policies and the budget; represent the Union outside Europe (negotiating trade agreements between the EU and other countries, for example.). The European Commission has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, and some services also in Luxembourg. The Commission has Representations in all EU Member States and 139 Delegations across the globe.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: a public or innovation support agency active in
Technology Sectors: ict / nanotechnology / life sciences / white biotechnology / red biotechnology / energy, clean technology, environment
Geographic: belgium


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