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  Mr. Javier Echarri
Javier Echarri, born in 1964, is currently the CEO of EBN. He has significant experience in running international associations with 11 years as CEO of the Invest Europe (formerly EVCA, European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association). Additionally, he is an expert in early-stage and growth finance, an experienced board member of several private companies and non-profit organisations, and has a background in economics and business. Previously and since 1995 he was with BBVA Benelux as Institutional Banking Director in charge of EU institutions.



  EBN European B.I.C. Network
Brussels, Belgium

The European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) was created in 1984 as a pilot initiative of the European Commission and by various private & public stakeholders with the aim to stimulate the emergence and growth of new innovative enterprises, and boost the endogenous economic potential of European regions, by deploying and developing a dedicated support instrument described as BIC: Business & Innovation Centre. Currently the network incorporates +200 members accelerating innovative entrepreneurship at territorial levels through the customized delivery of professional support & incubation services addressed to innovative start-ups, spin-off, entrepreneurs and SMEs. EBN network is mainly active within the EU with the bulk of its members in 27 EU-countries and 2 EFTA-countries. However ten percent of EBN membership is located outside Europe, mainly in candidate and neighborhood countries but also with wide international connections and partnerships.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: other
Technology Sectors: ict / white biotechnology / energy, clean technology, environment / space & defense, aeronautics, automotive / space
Geographic: belgium


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